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Default Re: Puffy loopy bow FREE how to

Originally Posted by belizeancutie View Post
I don't understand the difference between there being free tutorials for the ribbon puff/puffy loopy bow/pop bow/whatever its being called and other paid tutorials that also have free versions on the forum. I see people selling princess tutorials on here and free princess tutorials as well. Why the difference with this and not those?

Also several times on this forum I've seen people find other people's work and then ask how to make it. Then some1 shares or they brainstorm on how it could be done. Sometimes it even results in a paid tutorial being made like with the toe bloom/barefoot sandal thingy. Shouldn't the answer just then be "just buy it from the original maker"?

As for the post saying that it looks like some one bought it and then shared it, if they did then shame on them. But before jumping on the poster shouldn't it be up to the seller of the tut to say yes I did sell to that person?
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