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Default Puffy loopy bow FREE how to

Free instructions for my take on the puffy loopy bow at

Until I got bagged for posting this link I was unaware that their was a paid tut on here for this bow. This is my take on this bow. I have not bought or ever see instructions for this bow. I have since found the link for the paid tut and it looks like it was very popular so most of you probably know how to make it already. I will not be bullied by those who bought the instructions. I am a stay at home mum and my website is my business. As I see the other lady selling the instructions has a full time job I am sure I am not taking food of her table.

In my search for the paid tut link I also notice that one of the ladies bagging me has a thread asking how to make a funky loopy type bow. So I guess it is OK to share Free information only when it suits certain people.

This thread said "How to make" so I though I would share, what do I get out of it Free traffic to my site. My website is in Australia and I do not ship international so I am not trying to sell you my products you can buy them cheeper in the US.
Thankyou to everyone who has had a look at my instructions. They may not be as good or anything like the paid instructions but they are mine.

For those of you like me who did not know there were paid instructions on here this is the link if you would prefere to buy it. Those bagging me say it is well worth the money.
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