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Default Re: New Brilliant Bowmaker videos!

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
thank you . . . and soooo glad you like your new s/ware

i'm trying to find the printed ribbon/classic video . . . any chance you can point me in the right direction?

i just watched your classic one and will try the stitching . . . so it's a "secured" stitch on the intersecting wing - one running stitch in the middle and one running stitch on the other intersecting wing. cause what's throwing me for a loop (no pun intended!) is what you said in another post . . . let me hit reply & i'll go get it/post it here . . .

i'm determined to get it right!

edit . . . here it is . . . quote: I take a very tiny set of stitches on the wing, another set across the middle (hitting the "triangle" on each side), and another tiny set on the other wing.

it's the "tiny SET of stitches" wording - to me that means more than 1 . . . or are we saying the same thing?

i do hope that my questions are helping others and i'm not monopolizing your time!

You are fine! By "set" I mean go down through the ribbon and back up.

I have a sturdy knot in my thread.
Then I go down/up on one wing. Keeping the stitches close to the X in the front. I also refer to this as two passes of the needle through the ribbon.

Next I go down through the "triangle", and up through the other triangle.

Finally I go down/up on the other wing.

Does that help? I am still editing the video for the closeup of the stitches. But for the stitches on the wings, the closer they are to the X the less of the underside of the ribbon that will show through.

A cross section of the stitches would be like this

front of bow
---> stitches VVV
back of bow
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