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Default Re: Please help! Im desperate!! Christmas gifts

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
I don't watch the show either so I'm no help.. but I made some super cute burlap wreaths you could do one of those in team colors OR maybe just a random colors w/ your sils last name (you can buy just one wooden letter at hobbly lobby for like $2). Here is the burlap wreath I made BAD pic sorry. I put burlap, fabric, and tulle.

What about doing something like this for some of them? I've mad several of these so far for xmas.
Heat therapy sacks w/ a little poem.. super cute and cheap! I bought a bag of rice for like $3 and some lavendar for like $2 and you can make like 4 of the sacks w/ the rice!

For your sister you could do a camera strap cover?

for one sister you could make a
fabric covered magnetic board for her kitchen or office... cover a cookie sheet w/ fabric.. so cute!

Umm who else do you need ideas for?

Truck driver brother.. what about one of these except smaller for his truck w/ pics of his family on it?

Good luck!!

Thanks so much! Those are good ideas! Im going to make the camera strap covers for sure!
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