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Default Please help! Im desperate!! Christmas gifts

Okay so I know how to make mesh wreaths BUT Im having a hard time getting creative with all the pressure of our Christmas party is in exactly one week from today and I have not bought anything for anyone besides our kids because we have no money to do so. Now Im last minute making handmade gifts for EVERYONE! I need help from you guys! Please! Im desperate! lol here is what I need help with...

My sister loves the tv show Supernatural.....I want to make her something in that theme. I thought of a mesh wreath. I only have white mesh but could use ribbon and other stuff to decorate with. I make my own ribbon so I could totally make Supernatural ribbon to go on it, but what else? I have wooden plaques that fit in the center so maybe decoupage a pic of supernatural on it and put in the center? What else could I do to it? Also if anyone has any other ideas that I could make in that theme, I would appreciate it!

My sister also loves photography and takes pics all the time so I thought of buying photo albums and decorating them somehow but how? lol

My brother- Im making him a decoupage comic book end table, just wanted to share that. He loves comic books (still, hes 36 lol)

My other brother I have NO IDEA! lol he cant eat sweets, and is a truck driver and is on the road all the time, so if anyone knows anything in that area that would be great lol

My sister in law- making a mesh wreath, again only have white mesh. Trying to think of an everyday theme I could make with it personalized to say their last names on a wooden plaque in the center. Any ideas for an everyday theme. Ive searched online but only Christmas, Fall, Halloween, and animal print wreaths came up. So I havent gotten any ideas that way. She doesnt like animal print so just something classic or traditional style for everday. Hard to think of with the mesh style wreaths for some reason...I may be thinking too hard lol

My mother and father in law....maybe something personal with the grandkids pics on it? IDK!

Can anyone help? I can sew but Im not Martha Stewart lol I can do basic sewing. I make pillow case dresses and that sort of thing, easy stuff!!!

Any help would greatly be appreciated!!!!! I especially need help with the wreath! What color ribbon to add in and etc because I dont watch the show.
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