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Default Re: New Brilliant Bowmaker videos!

Originally Posted by LPLKaryn View Post
Not yet but I can.

Are we talking about the classic?
The only two stitches that are crucial to the bow are the ones that fall in the "triangle" where the front two ribbons overlap the back ribbon on either side. There is an overlap triangle on each side. Stitching through that is what holds all the folds together.

I take a very tiny set of stitches on the wing, another set across the middle (hitting the "triangle" on each side), and another tiny set on the other wing.

The smaller the stitches on the wings, the more the underside of the ribbon can fold to the back.
I was thinking of the twisted because I haven't tried the classic yet but I'll keep your tips in mind. I hope to do some experimenting on my Christmas break.
edit: Forgot to say Thanks

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