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Default Re: New Brilliant Bowmaker videos!

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i have the same problem as the booklet pics are not the sharpest and only show dots or white thread on a lite pink ribbon.

i finally solved it . . . by making a template. i cut a piece of paper the length of the middle of the bow
and 1/2 wide . . . and "accordian" folded the piece of paper to replicate the fold (i think i folded it in 1/2 and then each 1/2 was folded into thirds) . the stitches then go inbetween/in the middle/half way between the fold lines. i put a piece of masking tape on the backside of the template and marked where the stitches go, and alligator clip this paper template on the front of the bow.

voila - evenly spaced stitches & fold! of course, one has to make a separate template for each width ribbon as the middle length is different for each width of ribbon.

i'm still trying to figure out the fold for 3/8" ribbon!

hope i explained it okay & hth!

edit . . . and i hope lplkaryn will comment if i'm off base/wrong or suggest a better way!

edit edit . . . and i've not made a template for the 1.5" ribbon yet . . . that may need an extra fold.
Thank you! I'm going to try that this weekend
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