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Default Re: Puffy loopy bow FREE how to


Imagine you have a store that sells many wonderfully splendid items. Everything sells. You are dining out. You are vacationing. You are blessed because you are proud of what you do. Why? Because you have priced your merchandise really low. Low enough that you make a profit and not too much that you are ripping people off. People are happy with your prices.

Did I mention it was 2 weeks before Christmas and you are so happy. Happy that you are happy and happy that people are happy with you.

You go home and eat out.

You return to work in the morning. Next to your store is another store. Identical in every way but in color. They have never heard of your store so you believe that it is just a coincidence.

Now you see nobody coming into your store and everyone going there. You look at their store name. The name of the store is


You go home. Earn nothing. Wonder why someone did that. There really was no need when everyone is happy.

You see they are also a supply store. That store is called


People see this store when entering the first store and happily shop there. They forget all about the shop next door who has gone out of business.

Nicely done FREE! Way to go!
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