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Originally Posted by belizeancutie View Post
Never heard of a heat gun. Oh, the things that can be learned on here!
They go back to the days when rubber stamping was all the rage. Originally when you put embossing powder on the image you just stamped, the only way to get the powder to melt was to put the back of your paper up against a hot clothes iron. Since people didn't like burning their fingers, the lovely craft industry came up with heat guns. (Not a new product, they have been around as long shrink wrap has.) There are two main types, the long skinny type that blows hot and somewhat forcefully (it looks very similar to the ones sold at your local hardware store for tightening the clear insulating plastic people put on their windows), and the one that looks like a travel hair dryer, which blows hot, but more gently.

I have the second type, and use it for singed edge flowers, and also puffs made with scalloped circles cut with my sizzix. If you use it lightly, it works well for sealing the edges of the fabric. I'm not sure which works better though, since I don't have one of the stronger ones to compare with.
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