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Default Re: the "Bowbetties" bow

I, too, am also a BowBettie and found this comment very hurtful. I buy ribbon from here all the time and love the quality....I am not active on this board, but I do post fairly often on a few other yahoo bow boards like TOTT and TabbyWabby and have always been very encouraging to other bowmakers. We all love the same hobby and know that ribbon is such an addiction...why do we need to stoop to a level of hurting other people?? I think anyone who makes bows tries their hardest to make pretty why not be encouraging?? I guess I'm just saying that it is very hurtful to come on here and see posts like one of my fellow betties said...we are mommies and regular girls just like you. How would you have felt if it had been said about you???

As for the girl who posted the is beautiful! You did a wonderful job and your model is absolutely adorable! Keep up the great work!!