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Originally Posted by designsbyamber View Post
LOVE that you're sharing, but 'taking' pictures from google is stealing-- IF you intend on selling the finished bottlecaps (even as a part of a finished product)... Just sayin. same goes for fonts. You need to have a commercial license to use them on paid-for items... As a graphic designer, I'd be pretty upset if someone stole my graphic and were using it to make a profit.

Just be careful where you take your images/fonts from

In some ways this absolutely true...however I work in a marketing lawfirm, and when images are placed on google, or in public is not illegal to use the photographs...UNLESS you are selling the photo! You can use graphics and clipart that is not copyrighted. IF there is a copyright signal on the clip you cannot use it...or a watermark! All photos and private images MUST be registered if they do not want you to use them. I have been in many legal battles (as a legal assistant) and have seen many of battles lost. This is great for you to post because people do need to pay close attention to the images, and where you take them from. A website may infact include a copyright on their website for all images. Please watch carefully where you take images from! GREAT POINT!
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