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Default Re: felt circles

I use both, but I definitely prefer stiffened. Unfortunately it runs about $1 for a square, when the un-stiffened go on sale 5/$1. However, if you use enough hot glue, I find that the cheaper felt works just fine.

As for size, when I first started making circles I just found a metal washer and ran my hot knife (wood burner with sharp point tip) around it. I found that it was a little too close for comfort in proximity to burning my fingers, so I got a larger washer with about a 1" opening, and then ran the hot knife on the inside. This worked well, and the circles were nice looking and perfectly round, but then I got a Sizzix and the Circle die for it. Now I use it and I get fabulous circles in four different sizes, and can even do multiple layers of felt in one pass through the machine. They actually have a die on the Sizzix website that makes just 1" circles, about 14 at a time if I remember correctly. There's also one that makes them in the 1.25" size, but it doesn't make quite as many at a time. Someday I will get these, but right now I don't have the spare $20 apiece laying around.

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