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Default Re: Embroidery Machine

Originally Posted by Fleece3 View Post
Its not the machine that is going to be expensive, its all the added accessories. Every embroidery person will tell you that its very expensive to do embroidery. Between stabilizers, thread, designs, and blanks it is a very expensive hobby. When you do your budget for a machine make sure to budget around 50.00 for thread, stabilizer and some designs to get you started
I have been thinking a lot about getting an embroidery machine, and I know I need to really do my homework. But with the holidays I really haven't had the time. You post was one of the things that I have been wondering about..just how expensive are the materials, and how long will it take to make back the investment in the machine and materials to start.
I also don't know what the market would be like in my area. It's really hard to tell in this economy what would sell...
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