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Default Re: Price for me please?

Originally Posted by Gracies Mom View Post
You can ship first class up to 13 oz. and as long as the box total dimensions are less than 84" (length + girth). I use 4 x 4 x 4 boxes and 6 x 6 x 4 or 6x6x2 boxes from Uline. I bought my scale (USPS scale) at Kmart for $29, its the same one sold at post office for $39, go figure.

but here are shipping rates for 1st class package for US through paypal with tracking:
1 oz - 3 oz: $1.75
4 oz: $1.92
5 oz: $2.09
6 oz: $2.26
7 oz: $2.43
8 oz: $2.60
9 oz: $2.77
10 oz: $2.94
11 oz: $3.11
12 oz: $3.28
13 oz: $3.45

I would weigh your bow packages in a box, say a priority size box and figure the weight, it if is 13 oz or less, better off shipping 1st class. Only ship priority if customer requests and charge actual priority rate.

I just shipped a package in a 6x6x2 box that had two large boutique bows and a 3 clip set, weighed less than 5 oz.

Hope this helps!
Thanks so much for the trouble you've taken to help me! I believe I am going to be looking into boxes on uline and a scale. It sounds like I would do WAY better doing everything from home. I have a couple of more questions....sorry....but do you buy stickers to print your postage on from home or do you just tape regular paper to the box....and also I want to buy some boxes. You spoke of the 6x6x2 size, do you think that would fit my 10 for 10's?
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