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Default Re: Please critique my bows

Trying my best to figure out where you went wrong I havent read the other comments yet

I think that your twisted bow is backwards, the side you took the picture of is the back of the bow, flip the loops around and take another picture and then we can help with shaping

And as far as the stacked bow, maybe it is just my personal opinion, but I think you need a bow with 4 loops for the center, or a bow with 4 loops on the bottom and then you can do the 2 loop bow on top. At this point I just dont think it looks finished. Also making your spikes fan out more evenly will make a world of difference. I never do less than 6 spikes.

Finally the surrounding loops are supposed to surround the loops of a bow, hence the reason I mentioned having the 4 loop bow instead of the 2 loop bow. But if you really want to stick with the 2 loop bow then ditch the surround loops.

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