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Default Re: Price for me please?

You can ship first class up to 13 oz. and as long as the box total dimensions are less than 84" (length + girth). I use 4 x 4 x 4 boxes and 6 x 6 x 4 or 6x6x2 boxes from Uline. I bought my scale (USPS scale) at Kmart for $29, its the same one sold at post office for $39, go figure.

but here are shipping rates for 1st class package for US through paypal with tracking:
1 oz - 3 oz: $1.75
4 oz: $1.92
5 oz: $2.09
6 oz: $2.26
7 oz: $2.43
8 oz: $2.60
9 oz: $2.77
10 oz: $2.94
11 oz: $3.11
12 oz: $3.28
13 oz: $3.45

I would weigh your bow packages in a box, say a priority size box and figure the weight, it if is 13 oz or less, better off shipping 1st class. Only ship priority if customer requests and charge actual priority rate.

I just shipped a package in a 6x6x2 box that had two large boutique bows and a 3 clip set, weighed less than 5 oz.

Hope this helps!
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