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Things I noticed:

1. Yeah, it really looks like her edges were scalloped before she heated it.

2. Also, instead of just stacking her layers one on top of each other in the center, it looks like she has each one slightly off-center to vary the heights and make each one more like a single petal as opposed to an entire layer.

3. She used more than one kind of fabric. I see organza, and something shiny like an acetate. It helps ad more dimension.

From my experience, if you hold the fabric off to the side of the flame and bring it in, it will cause the singe to make an indented pucker. If you hold the circle directly over it, it will start to cup. I have used both flame and heat gun, and they both have their merits. The heat gun won't blacken the edges, but the open flame gives you more precise control.
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