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Default Re: Price for me please?

Thanks for the advice, the next bows that I post up (non-seasonal) I'll try to step my price up a tad and see what happens from there. I am starting to get some feedback from my 10 for $10 sales so I hope this really boosts my scores. The only thing that stinks is I am having problems with shipping methods. I did a little looking around at some of the other Etsy shops and did a comparison with their shipping charges and I just can't see how they do it. I went to the post office today and I about hit the floor with the fee..... I asked them if it would be any cheaper if I brought my own box and the postal clerk said, "The only thing you'll be saving by doing that is about a nickel", we don't charge you for using our box, it's the weight of the item and the charge of destination." Any advice on that one? I mean the lady wasn't rude she was trying to be helpful so I don't think she was trying to brush me off or anything....
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