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Default Re: Price for me please?

Originally Posted by mirandab View Post
Wow, thanks ladies, I thought I was over pricing myself I put $7 on this bow in my Etsy shop.... and still haven't sold it....
Wow! You've received some great advice!

I was also thinking that even though people (myself included) love bargains, sometimes if an item seems to be priced too low, then potential sellers might think that it's of sub-par quality--especially when it's a new shop without a lot of feedback. (It doesn't always make sense, but that's the way people's minds work at times.) I don't think that $7.00 fits into that category, but why don't you try kicking it up to $8.00 and see what happens? You can always bring it back down to $7.00 if it still doesn't sell.

Good luck!
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