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Default Re: Price for me please?

Originally Posted by mirandab View Post
Wow, thanks ladies, I thought I was over pricing myself I put $7 on this bow in my Etsy shop.... and still haven't sold it....
Just because of exposure i bet. Hopefully once people gain interest there wouldn't be a problem. It's overcrowded out there so they need to see it first. ..i think LOL

I took a look in your shop and honestly it's the only bow like it. If you had a selection of say 3-4 to pick from and other colors it would tempt customers to come in to shop. People who want to get multiples since they're already paying the shipping costs. So once you have more like it I bet it will be a great holiday seller.
Also, it's close to xmas. People are already thinking just plain pink and red or of purchasing items to go in the stockings but will work in the new year. So I would next focus on those colors.
If you made more in this style and focus in that area I think you've really go t a good thing going!! Esp since you have specialty centers and so fourth.

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