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Default Re: Bought the wrong size ribbon

Originally Posted by rhondam View Post
Everyone who has a problem with their 5/8" ribbon can pack it up and send it to me. I'll use it Funky bows, Loopy puffs, small classics, etc...
ita! i've been thinking what can't you do w/5/8" ribbon!

just went thru 20 search pages looking for a pic where someone used 5/8" ribbon to line both alli & snap clips & clustered a small group of hydrangea petals w/pearl centers . . . crap, i couldn't find it! the 5/8" ribbon looks great as the lining ribbon.

5/8" is also great for the middle knots.

i also asked a group buy why they didn't offer 5/8" ribbon (specialty printed) . . . said there wasn't any interest

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