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Default Re: the "Bowbetties" bow

Originally Posted by LoveALot View Post
I think you did a beautiful job, and it's so much prettier than many of the overdone "Bowbetties" bows I see. The Bowbetties are just a group of individual designers, not a specific design. And to be honest, some of them are not big sellers. There are two or three big players in the group, and the rest are just ho-hum followers and their bows don't sell. I look at their completed listings and they are a big flop. JMHO.
I am also a proud member of the BowBetties and I am shocked that anyone would say something like this about a fellow bowmaker you don't even know. I've come on here a few times and have seen many posts about either myself or other members of my group, some nice and some not so nice. Someone even posted a picture of one of my bows and said I used the wrong color to match something. I shrugged it off, because I have to consider what kind of person would sink to that level, publicly criticizing another's bows. Bowmaking is an individual art and to criticize another bowmaker on a public forum is just LOW. "Big sellers" or not, our group is a wonderful group of women and friends who support each other and have fun doing what we love. I wouldn't change the group I'm in for anything!

As for the original poster - great job on the bow! Looks like you worked hard on it - keep up the good work