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Default Re: Consent form wordings

I would think you should be fine. I am a photographer and I have a website. I use gmail for my photography. I do have consent forms that I use with paid clients or when a person requires it. However, if someone were to ask me for the permission to use my images, I would probably respond the same way this photographer did. I don't have a specific consent form that I would sign that states you have the right to use my images. I believe what you are actually looking for is a release form. All photographers operate differently. Not all photographers use contracts and perhaps she doesn't. I would say so long as you have the email from her, and that wording is used, you should be fine. Is her business info in the signature of the email? I have my name, photography business name and website address in the signature. That would make it more official and perhaps less questionable if it came about. The other question is was all the communication between the two of you from the same email? I don't think it's that big of a deal. A lot of websites out there are actually "blogsites" and they some aren't their own domain so they can't have their own email. That is why they would use a generic email account such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. They also might just be a new photographer who isn't sure how to handle these types of requests. Hope this long answer helps to ease your worries.
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