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Default Re: Having problems with EnviroTex Lite

Originally Posted by sononchalant View Post
Hear lately when I use the Envirotex Lite it has been fading out my picture on some of them and some have lots of bubbles. What am I doing wrong?
Are they drying in a well ventilated room? Here's what I found on the bubbles...

One of the important signs that you are mixing Envirotex Lite well enough is the appearance of bubbles while you are mixing. This is normal. Envirotex Lite has been specially formulated to de-gas itself, freeing most bubbles, automatically. Occasionally, however, bubbles will become trapped in the surface. They can be easily removed by exhaling your breath gently over the surface, or by carefully sweeping a propane torch across the liquid at a height of approximately 6-8 inches.
I found that near the bottom of this page:

Perhaps using a heat gun or hair dryer after application might help with the bubbles?

As for the fading, it probably has something to do with whatever ink or paint you are covering. Are the pictures printed on a printer, painted, or drawn? And with what?
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