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Default Re: Do you Glue or Sew your FOE headbands?

Oh could you please post a pic?! I just don't get it. That would be so helpful!

Originally Posted by TwoHandyHagsBoutique View Post
I turn the right sides together and place a single prong alligator clip to hole them together. I don't match the ends up perfectly, one just a little lower than the other...the one end that is lower, using my burner I kinda brush/melt it into the other side(making sure I don't melt all the way through) and then brush/melt the longer side on top of it? Does that make since, it's kinda hard to explain????? I wait a few seconds for it to cool and then I stretch it out, hold it up towarrds light to make sure it's completely heat sealed together. If not I just do it over. Maybe I can post a pic, if this doesn't make since.
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