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Default Re: What sells around here??

Well congrats it sounds like you learned a lot. Sometimes even though you don't sell as much as you wanted to, you at least learned what to do next time. Thats crazy how the OTT holiday bows sold but none of the regular OTT bows. I have found in my particular area NO ott bows sell. Doesn't matter how cute or cheap they are. But it just goes to show that every area and every show is different.
Originally Posted by casemarten View Post
So I did my first show this past weekend. My inventory was VERY holiday heavy as it was a Christmas fair. I sold about half of my holiday inventory. The funny thing was of the big holiday bows, I sold ALL the biggest and most expensive ones. The low-priced holiday stuff did NOT sell. Otherwise, people only bought the cheapest items, solid and dot bows priced to move at $3. I also sold a lot of clippies.

There was one other hair bow vendor that had only very basic bows and then lots of fancy clips with feathers, flowers, etc. She even said my bows were a lot nicer than hers, but she sold a TON more because they were so cheap. She had nothing fancy at all and nothing over $5. (some of my big OTT and holiday bows went up to $8)

So my take is that people here will pay more for the holiday bows but not for general OTT bows I'm learning!
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