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Default Bottlecap images help! Glossy or matte and why?

Hi there,

I'm confused out of my mind, and have tried my hardest to look for a reason why so maybe y'all can be kind and point me the right way...

I've bought images before, and they were matte. Loved em. Have a big stock of digital images now and have recently just been using glossy from local drug store. Recieved some flattened bottlecaps today that came with instructions that say NOT to use glossy for bottle caps.

I'm using epoxy dots and E6000 for attaching, if that makes any difference. Is it just a some like one, some like the other, or is this going to make my caps made with glossy kinda useless? I haven't printed out too many yet, so I'm not out much if glossy is really that bad.
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