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Default Re: Double sided tape is junk!

Originally Posted by marsupialr85 View Post
I dont think you were rude jmo tho i mean if guess if u were calling kates craft store junk or the other place junk when its clearly not then ok maybe?!? But at least you got pointed to the right direction.. all these ladies are always here to help.. clearly hobby lobby chick had no idea what she was talking about
I would never call anyone's shop junk. If they happen to be selling a product that I find junk, then that's my opinion. I've had a father come past my kiosk and tell me my pettirompers are inappropriate for little girls and there's no way he'd let his daughter wear them. I'm not the spokesperson for pettirompers so this didn't offend me. That was his opinion about a particular product and I can respect that. I thanked him for his constructive criticism and wound up selling him a dress that day. He comes by sometimes during lunch and jokes around with me saying, "you still selling that junk?". I laugh all the way to the bank, I do

Anytime we sell any product, we must realize that not everyone is going to like that product.

So no I wasn't calling anyone's store junk, I was calling the product junk and until I have a positive experience with some ds tape, that is going to be my opinion about it.
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