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Default Re: Tutu Ladies.. I need HELP!! :)

For ages 3 to 6 (about sizes 3T to 6?) there isn't that much difference in waist circumference.

Standard waist sizes for US clothing measurements:
Size 2T 20"
Size 3T 20.5"
Size 4T 21"
Size 5 21.5"
Size 6 22"

However, there would be a significant height difference if you were making dresses or skirts for them to wear out. Which means you'd have to worry about the length.

If you want to use elastic, I would make them all about 21" keeping in mind how well the elastic will stretch to 26" or so. Unless you know some of the girls are thicker around the waist, it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise, you could do the opposite and make them bigger and keep safety pins or clothespins on hand to adjust the back for the younger girls.

If you're making no sew tutus, the ribbon is good if the girls won't be taking them on and off themselves. The tulle tends to loosen when handled and could slide off the ribbon making a bit of a mess.
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