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Default Re: BBM snap templates

Originally Posted by banglesnbows View Post
I sew. When it's on the template, the method ilike the best is this, if the loops are pointing up toward your face I insert my needle from this side. Starting there you go down, back up, down, back up, down , back up total 3x's. Does that make sense? Really what you have to do is play with your creasing. Some people crease three some two. I crease two. Something else, in her intructions, make sure you pull with your fingers to help shape. It really helps. Get a good shape, spray starch and then bake.
thanks . . . i'm assuming i'd start at the edge of the ribbon/wing if i were following the classic bow ? or do i start on the right dot shown on page 27 - 1st pic? it's all these dots with no sewing thread showing that's driving me nuts!

lol - a pic would be worth 1,000 words!

also, i'm finding out that i can't use printed ribbon on this as the tails show the solid side
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