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Unhappy Re: BBM snap templates

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
do you sew or tie yours? i'm looking for help with the sewing stitch placement as the pics in the book just shows dots . . .

yes, i've read the book numerous times and compared the written words to the pics . . . and still have quite a few questions on both the twisted & classic bow templates.
I sew. When it's on the template, the method ilike the best is this, if the loops are pointing up toward your face I insert my needle from this side. Starting there you go down, back up, down, back up, down , back up total 3x's. Does that make sense? Really what you have to do is play with your creasing. Some people crease three some two. I crease two. Something else, in her intructions, make sure you pull with your fingers to help shape. It really helps. Get a good shape, spray starch and then bake.
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