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Default Re: BBM snap templates

I ADORE these templates, old and new!! I learned foldig by hand and that's great, but I want my piggy tail bows to be perfect! And these get them exact. I think the biggest mistake, from readin posts here, don't just dive in. Really read all of her amazing info first. Let it sink in. I never had a problem with the old templates, or even folding by hand. I just got it, I guess. Something to consider, and it will make or break your bow, is your creasing. I am more than happy to assist you in using your templates. I use them every day!! I have measurement memorized, I know which sizes are my best sellers, etc... The basic bow templates, the only thing different is the sizes (I have never used the stapler). The twisted bow is different, but amazing! You won't regret it. I am not affiitated, I promise. I just love them!
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