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Default Re: Is this a new product? Reviews please..

Originally Posted by knottyspoolgirl View Post
It only took them about ten years to catch on with the curling trend there LOL. I would have thought they'd do something like that earlier.
But interested to see how this would work in comparison and also how tiny you can get the korks. Considering what goes inside one of these..
Not sure about the inner workings of a curling iron
Thanks for sharing the inf!!
It took them ten years to figure out another way to market a curling iron to a different market lol.

As for the product....
The gold hot curling irons get about 500 degrees Fahrenheit or so. What's different about this? You can get different barrel sizes even 1/4 inch.

This is no different than selling scrap booking markers on one aisle and art markers on another aisle. It's all the same. Different packaging, different name. Sharpie has that one figured out too. They'll price them according to the market they are targeting too. Notice those markers in the art aisle have higher prices lol.
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