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Default Re: New Camera- Which accessories are a must?

I would say in order of importance of things to get:

1-a lens other than the kit. 50mm 1.8 at the least.
2-off camera flash. I shoot Nikon but I think the Canon flash is 580ex?
3-Camera bags are definitely good. Do your research on them though. Make sure they are durable and can take the abuse and wear and tear you'll put on them and can carry your equipment safely. I personally have the crumpler 5 million dollar home bag. I love it because it gives me lots of spots for an extra body if needed, several lenses and flashes, my wireless triggers, I have a couple of softboxes for my external flashes and othe misc stuff. It all fits in there. The bag is comfortable enough that I can carry it all day when shooting the 10-13 hour wedding days. I especially like it though since it blends in and looks more like a messenger bag and doesn't advertise that I am carrying expensive equipment if I need to leave it somewhere unattended for a brief period. I would suggest looking into that bag. I absolutely love it!

Have fun with your camera! Photography is so much fun! It is super saturated and there are a lot of disgruntled photographers out there. There are also lots of great groups out there that you can learn from as well. See if you can find a local smugmug group or fasttrack (FEO) group meeting in your area. Those are a great way to network with other photographers and get some pointers while you learn.
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