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Default Re: Ribbon Puff Troubles

Originally Posted by Mrs.BowlingtheBowMaker View Post
No, I have not bothered her with it. Like I said its not the tut that is the problem its probably just me. I am not talking about anything that gives the tut away so I didn't know it was a problem.
I have no idea who the seller of this tutorial is, I've seen posts about this bow, but I haven't tried to make one, nor searched for the tutorial/seller yet. BUT, as a seller of tutorials, I wanted to say that I would NEVER be bothered by someone asking me a question about my tutorials or their technique, I'm always happy to help trouble shoot, and I've even been known to edit my tutorials based on questions I've received. so I cannot imagine she would be bothered and I'm sure she would prefer that you ask her directly.

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