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Default Re: Ribbon Puff Troubles

Ok thank you for you side. I did actually send a pm to the creator of the tut to get some feedback from her.I'm awaiting a reply. And as far as posting the free link to the tut that was me who posted that. (I wasn't the the 1st person to post it though) Then everyone told me it was trash and that someone had previously posted that tut and got a lot of heat for it. And yes I did apologize and the creator of the paid tut posted on there saying that she appreciated the different technique shown in the free tut. Yes, I apologized and when everyone told me that the free tut was garbage and not to waste my ribbon I bought the paid tut. But thank you for showing me your side I appreciate it and as always am not trying to step on toes just trying to better my puff.
Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Let me clarify. I don't think you've done anything wrong here, but generally speaking even discussing free tuts for a similar method is seen as negatively impacting the creator of a paid tut.

In fact there has been one recent thread on a free version of a puffy loop bow and the original poster took a lot of heat for posting a link to a free tutorial. The biggest criticism, if I remember correctly, is that she or a subsequent poster mentioned the measurements which I guess were the same as those for the paid tut. Something the original poster wouldn't know since she says she didn't buy the paid tut. Nevertheless she wound up apologizing.

In this thread I've learned something I could have guessed, that there is "cinching" involved and something I probably wouldn't have guessed, that there is "fanning" involved. Those are things that involve technique which is arguably more specific than a simple measurement.

Again, I don't think you've done anything wrong but I strongly suspect that the paid tut purists on this board would prefer that you communicate with the creator directly and give her a chance to walk you through your questions rather than run the risk that you indirectly reveal any of her secrets.

Good luck figuring it out.

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