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Default Re: What sells around here??

Yes, korkers in the middle sell for me too and I just made my niece a tbb with a ribbon puff in middle and it is super cute! And yes it all boils down to cost. People aren't willing to pay $8-10 for a bow like they are in other areas. The economy is hard hit in my neck of the woods for sure. But I agree we can't just give our stuff away either Good luck!
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

From my limited experience, I agree with what you said. I tend to make the majority of my bows with a couple of layers but not truly OTT, and they sell well for $5. I also like to put korkers in the center of my bows, and those sell REALLY well. Cost is definitely an issue here!! I'm trying to keep my prices down but want to make this into a decent business
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