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Default Re: Ribbon Puff Troubles

Originally Posted by Mrs.BowlingtheBowMaker View Post
Ohh ladies! Why is it that the most simple bow of all gives ME trouble?!?!? I bought the tut and I am having problems at the end part. Super crazy newbie sewing question: WHAT IS CINCHING??? I have 0 sewing background I can barely thread that darn needle it seems Not only do I not know how to cinch it (I have just been tying it) I also am having problems with "holes" in the puff. It just doesn't look as full as the ones I'm seeing on here?!? And my puffs look very small in comparison too, I use the number of strips it called for so I dunno what the problem is....HELP

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!!
Have you tried emailing the person that sold you the tut?

I'd give them a chance to trouble shoot and explain the instructions in more detail before you get in trouble for discussing the details of a paid tut on the boards.

Just a thought.

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