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Default Re: Free Ribbon Puff Tutorial!

Originally Posted by BlessedMom View Post
It was honest mistake, but honestly when tuts are for sell on the board and you know it, I think its more board etiquette not to post any measurements.

There are instructions on here for many items (most if not all) are offered for free all over the web. They are easily found and at times the free information is not readily given; instead members are promoting each others paid tutorials. I don't check this site often. Years ago I did and it only annoyed me. Something sent me here last week, but it wasn't regarding this tutorial. I clicked on the link since I had tried to make them for free, then seen she was attacked and thought help.

If you have bought a tutorial, then you shouldn't even be discussing a tutorial you paid for. No tips to tighten or anything, in my opinion. This thread wouldn't have went as far as it did, if paid people wouldn't have got involved. It would have been buried long ago.

I haven't paid for this tutorial. When I tried to make them, it was based off pictures from etsy. People don't always start with purchasing a tutorial. I didn't even search for a tutorial before I made mine. They didn't look that difficult to make. I started with longer ribbon at first, thinking they were bigger than they look. Slowly I made it down to 2 1/2 inches, but I have also used 2 3/4 and 3 inches. I made mine before my boutiques started, the beginning of October. I made two pair and stopped, because I thought they were too time consuming to cut all that ribbon for a small little hair clip.
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