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Default Crochet tutu tops HELP!!


Im just starting making the tutu dresses with the crochet top, im making one for a customer right now ( my first one) and she said from waist to bust is 9inches so i would get a 9inch top right?... then someone told me that they stretch so the 8 1/2 would be okay... then another person told me that the length is not what i have to worrie about its around & that the 8 1/2 ones stretch 21-24inches max but pushin it . So i had my customer measure her around and she was 22 1/2inch around but that person told me that 8 1/2 wouldnt fit... so now im confused & now im scared the 81/2inch ones i ordered ( that will/should be here this week when i need them to finish the dress this week) will be to small. Ugh!!!

Can anybody help me or have a sizing chart ? and if anyone knows where to get 9inch tops that arent ridiclious in price.

Thank you
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