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Default Re: To Sell or Not to Sell...that is the Question?

Originally Posted by imalearba4 View Post
Here is my opinion- if they are going to copy anyway- sell them the instructions. Sell an ebook- that way you get the credit and they know it is your design.
Clever! That's sounds like the perfect plan. There is no doubt you will be copied if it's good....especially on Etsy since it is a breeding ground for copycats. It won't take long for someone to "buy" one of your bow holders, tear it apart and analyze how it was done, and begin making them too. However, if you come up with paid instructions, I bet that same person (and many others) would buy the instructions!

As far as getting a "patent", I know that it is an extremely expensive process. I wouldn't think it would be worth it because there would be no guarantee that it would be granted a patent.

I wish I was the type that would be "flattered" by copycats, but I wouldn't be either. I wish I could! It takes strong people to be able to do that
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