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Default Re: where can I find Yo Gabba Gabba clothing?

We are going to YGG Live this weekend and my dd is sooooo ready with her YGG gear, she even got the new YGG vans for the event. She has bows that I made her for her YGG themed bday, but I might make her something else in case she doesn't want to wear them Thanks for the heads up on dressing them up in YGG gear, my ds turned 7 and isn't really into it (beisdes, I had issues finding YGG tops that would fit him, so we opted for the vans), not sure what else I can find (believe me, dd pretty much has is all, down to the custom hand painted portraits to match her YGG bedding) I will have to see if there is something I can do for my ds though
Originally Posted by raelin06 View Post
I made shirts for my girls. It was really easy. I bet you could do it too. Here is a link to a blog that has instructions for making appliques. It's a turkey, but the exact same concept. I printed off a Foofa from the Nickjr website to trace the head. I had to reduce it to around 70%, or so.
I highly recommend wearing something YGG. My oldest was picked to go up on the stage with several other children. I think they were looking for children dancing and having fun, but also dressed in YGG clothing!

Have fun! That concert was a blast!!
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