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Default Is Photoshop for me?

So I need info about photoshop. I usually use Picnik and am happy with my results but HATE that I have to upload each pic, adjust each pic, save each pic and do that seemingly for HOURS. And then I have to have internet connection to even do any of that.

I always take my pics in natural light so the only thing I really need is the ability to work without internet connection, apply frames, watermarks and compress. I make frequent 8 hour (each way) trips to my family in a different state and would love to knock all of these photos out on the way there and back.

Compression is very important because my website only allows pics to be under 100kb.

And I think I read that you can apply a frame to several pics at once with Photoshop instead of doing each pic individually? And I know I read that you can create a brush with your watermark, right?

I'd appreciate any help!!
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