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Originally Posted by TieDyesnButterflies View Post
I make polymer clay figures (like fairies, etc) but the crosses should be easy enough. I like FIMO best. It's easy to work with and bakes nice and strong at 230degrees. Youcan get FIMO at Joanns for sure, but I'm assuming Hobby Lobby and Michaels have it too. I wouldn't get Sculpey white though because it cracks easy. )learned that the hard way) Super Sculpey isn't too bad for starting out either.

To remove fingerprints, you can use a mix of baby oil and rubbing alcohol on an angled paintbrush. That will allow you to remove any fingerprints and also any lint or dust on the surface of the clay. As far as the color blend, you have a lot of options. You can simply paint it with acrylic paint when you are done. But if you want a design in the clay itself, try googling tuts for millefiore or skinner blends. That'll show you some ideas of how to blend the clay colors. I don't do that with what I do, but when I first started with clay, I read how to do it.

There's been a lot of talk about the safety of using your home oven to bake polymer clay. I bought a turbo oven that's dedicated just to my clay pieces, but before that I used my home oven. Some of the ladies I know will get aluminum baking pans and put one upside down on top of the other. That way it traps any potential fumes. Just an FYI.

Also, when we make any of our clay projects, we use an armature to give our sculpts support. You can make it out of some twisted wire (anything from the cheap stuff you can get in the beading area to a coat hanger if you need to) and you can wrap aluminum foil around it to bulk it up so your clay isn't as thick. Check your clay package to see the thickness they recommend. Also, if you use an armature, wrap it with either white floral tape or masking tape before you put the clay on it. It will keep your clay cleaner. I know some ladies will then put on a coat of Aleene's tacky glue and let that dry before they add clay. Not necessary, but it can help the clay hold onto the armature. And to smooth it out once the clay is on the armature, you can use something as simple as the edge of the side of a knitting needle.

I think if I was making an armature for a cross, I'd get 2 pieces of thicker wire & lay them out as a cross, then take some thin wire (like paddle wire from the floral area is great for this and cheap) & wrap it criss-cross (like in an X shape) to go around and hold the two thicker wires together. I hope you can tell what I am trying to say, I'm not sure how to phrase what I'm seeing in my head. lol

I hope this helps you out. Polymer clay is a great medium to work in. Once you start with it, you may want to keep making more things!
Wow, thanks for all of the great tips. I can't wait to try it!
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