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Smile Re: Anyone ever dyed their own shirts??

Originally Posted by Bubble Monkey Boutique View Post
Thank y'all so much!!!! I was at a loss for what to do! The shirts are 100% cotton and the are solid white! Hopefully I can get this done and it be right! Lol. I'm worried!
Thanks again on the info! I'm headed to their site now!
Don't worry! It'll be fun! The procion dyes are really easy to use. Just make sure you also get the soda ash from them. You'll need that to lower the ph of the fabric enough to hold the dye. Also, make sure you pre-wash the shirts because that will remove any sizing that might be in them. The sizing could problems with dyeing if you don't pre-wash. The Dharma site has a wealth of info on how to do all kinds of stuff. If you look at how to tie dye, it'll give you a good idea of what you need to do. You probably will do more of a dye bath though. I'm pretty sure they have info on how to do that too! Let us know how they turn out!
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