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Originally Posted by arcmis View Post
If it's the dress you're selling, I would get more full on pics or further away....these seem like they are focusing on the head accessories more-- that being said, from what I can see, it looks cute
these are just a couple of the pictures, i have pictures that are focused on the dress, the bottom of the dress, the bust area, the leggings... all three sets lol..... etc..... but everything in her hair was included in the package, the ribbons, the bows, the little balls attached at the end of the braided piggy tails, and the red curls in the top piece I haven't edited the detail pictures yet, these were just a couple i edited first to ask her what she thought of the hair I had originally intended on going to a salon and having it done, but this was impromptu and spur of the moment so i did it myself <3
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