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Default Re: Free Ribbon Puff Tutorial!

Originally Posted by mykiddosmom View Post
There was a post and two pictures originally in this post. The post was a persons version (not me) of how to make a poofy puff bow. It was posted in the freehairbows yahoo group this morning.

I originally posted the links here, but someone thought it too offensive. So if you want to try these out but don't have the money, don't sell bows, not sure these will work in your inventory or you like to play with ribbon and have lots of time; go to, to groups, then freehairbows.

There was a post today that is too close to the original to have on here without getting called out.

WOW It didn't even take 24 hours for me to remember why I stopped coming here to help people. So many quick to make a dollar for every little thing and quick to beat you up if you honestly like to help and figure things out.

If you cant find the group or post private message me and I will send you the links.
I was one of the ladies bothered that you posted the measurements. I don't think you meant anything bad by it, but I think these ladies were actually trying to help you by pointing out that it shouldn't be posted. I wasn't bothered because I was trying to make a quick's not my tut. I was bothered more by the fact that the creator of the tut worked hard to put out a great tut that has become extremely popular. I get free tuts were going to happen. To post the free ones or even worse the exact measurements on a forum where the creator is a member and the tut is sold is just not right.

I am sorry that you feel that you can't some on here because we are mean, but other ladies that have so much great info to share don't come on here because of stuff like this. I am a SAHM and we are on a tight budget. I love the free tuts but I also realize sometimes I have to invest in paid ones to stay competitive or give my daughter cute bows. Compared to what ribbon costs these tuts are a small investment lol

Please understand just because someone tells you that you are doing something they don't agree with they are not being nasty. Honestly, these ladies were being nice in how they put it. I have seen posts like yours get some NASTY responses. It was nice of you to want to help and help is greatly appreciated. We all need it and welcome it. Sorry for the book, but I want you to realize where these ladies were coming from.
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