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Default Boutique Beauties & Services..

BB has now set up the system so that models have to enter credit card details prior to taking our items.
If only some of us could turn back the hands of time and get those Benjamin$ OR MORE back from some of those moms in the past (before bb, that is)!

I've been working with some of the beauties and have had a good time with it.
I did have some issues with non-communicative moms. But it's been resolved. Just slow.
My best results came from a HG member.
My fastest result also a HG member.
My slowest to bring the photos back - also a HG member LOL.

There are more photos all in one place. Love that.
The only thing that could use work - tell me more, Beauties Moms! Like I would love to hear who the photogs are and know for certain where they'll be taken. Some moms are specific and others not so much.
I do not like it at all when I get photos back after sending 6 items and all the pictures look different. Same style is best.
I think this is an issue many have dealt with and still a struggle for all boutiques when finding someone new. WHO will photo??

The information is all in one place there and the site is set up so that all the goods are easy to find. You can see it all in one spot with your account; the items sent, when, where, who, how old, more photos, messages, shipping information, and retail amount spent.

Just thought I would share. I really like them.
I took a break from EB for a while but hope to return there soon.

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