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Default Re: Free Ribbon Puff Tutorial!

Originally Posted by MarcootBoutique View Post
I have made the bows both ways and like how the one from the paid tut better. However, they both make pretty bows. I posted a picture of mine made with the bought tut somewhere on here!!! I was disappointed with the size and made another one using 3 inch strips and it was better. I made one with 5 inch strips and it did not do at all, the strips would not stand up. I asked about what size other people use but did not get a response. I made using 3/8 ribbon and was wondering if 1/2 or 7/8 ribbon would work. I have a show tomorrow and have to make a lot of bows for it so will experiment with the other sizes next week.
I used 3/8 on mine and used the length suggested on the paid tut. I think the trick is pulling it tight enough. After you figure that out they stand up great. It took me a few times to get the look and shape I wanted. I also starched and baked my last ones and they held their shape a little better. I think customers like the size even though they are small because they are perfect for pigtails.

I have made them with 5/8 inch ribbon using the same lengths but they are a little trickier to make, but looked cute. If I can help anymore, please let me know.
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