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Default Re: Embroidery Machine

Originally Posted by KellyBanks View Post
I have yet to learn how to sew. I really want to, I just have a lot going on. Between, my (real) job, a 3m old, making bows & these new appliques- I just don't have the time. I hope to learn on day. I love this machine because I can just plug it into the computer and hit go. It's really pretty simple once you mess up a few onesies! I attached the back to 3 of them before I realized out to hoop it correctly! I watched a lot of YouTube to figure out the appliques. There were a lot easier than they look. They are a big hit here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe when things slow down, I'll learn how to sew.
So this brother machine you can plug into your computer and do appliques that you can purchase and download online?
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